I want to recruit you!

Hi Friends, In the words of one of my political idols Harvey Milk -- “I want to recruit you!”  

Since the launch of my campaign last month I have been fortunate to see the passion of our voters in House District 5. In the face of the major changes that are taking place at the federal level there is an air of optimism. I believe that we can actually change the world to be a more tolerant and inclusive place. That’s what we're all about. We believe that our ideas help people. We believe progress is the best course of action.  And we believe that we can impact the outcome and change things where we live. Join me now by contributing $100 today.

Campaigns are about support, and I need yours. Our early success with fundraising sends the message that we are serious about advancing our progressive ideas. I’m asking for you to invest in this optimistic vision by chipping in to our campaign today.

Your donation today sends the message that you are joining a group of people who believe we can directly affect our community. It’s an investment in our vision for progressive leadership, values and action.

I’m asking for your support because I want to fight for your values. Join me today.