Hey friends! It's official, I'm running as the Democratic Candidate for Colorado State House of Representatives in District 5!  House District 5 is one of the most vibrant in the state of Colorado, and home to a wonderfully diverse community that is changing and evolving every day.  

Bold Ideas

I am ready to work for you and with you on the range of issues facing House District 5. I know that jobs are created through innovative ideas, and I have a proven track record of job creation through renewable energy on Colorado’s Front Range. I also know that affordable housing and healthcare build a stronger community and will strengthen our economy. I plan to work to update school infrastructure, allowing more resources to be directed to students and teachers. 


Strong Communities

As a Denver metro native, an HD5 resident, and a business owner, I know the challenges the district faces. As an LGBTQ person of color, I believe protecting our neighbors from hate and bigotry is non-negotiable. I know that in finding solutions to our infrastructure crisis, we must consider the impact to the community. Local government is essential to maintaining and improving our quality of life and strengthening our communities, I have first hand experience of what the vision of a few can accomplish. 

Fresh Leadership

Leadership means bringing the voices of the community together and making sure that they are heard. I know that elections aren’t about candidates, they’re about the constituents. My vision is a future that works for everyone, regardless of age, gender, color or economic status. I know we must fight not only to protect our rights, but also to continue to advance in the face of national adversary. I'm ready to work with you, and work for you to bring this vision to reality in the state house.