The Best Part

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and you were able to enjoy the company of loved ones. I certainly have plenty to be thankful for this year. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost a year since I announced my candidacy, and I’ve been honored by the outpouring of support I’ve received.

While I have had many things to be thankful for in the last year, the best part of my campaign so far has been going door to door and talking with voters about what is important to them.I, along with my hardworking group of volunteers have knocked over 1,700 doors this year.  I’ve had the opportunity to stand on the porches of constituents and talk with them about what is important to them in their community. It’s grassroots organizing at it’s finest.

 If I could knock every constituents door in the district, I would, because this is the best way to get a pulse on who these people are and what they care about, and to communicate to them our campaign's message. However, this is not always possible - some residents live in large, inaccessible buildings, and those whose doors we do knock aren't always home when we want to talk to them. Fortunately, we have other methods of getting in touch with them, like trying to catch their eyeballs on Facebook, or mailing my smiling face and entreaty for votes to their doors. But as you might imagine, these efforts take money. This is where I need your help. Any contribution, no matter how big or small will help me get my message to those voters, and take their voices with me to fight for making Colorado a place we will continue to be proud to call home.

 I promise you this: No less than 80% of your contribution will go directly to voter outreach. We run a lean campaign and are fortunate to have a team of volunteers willing to put in the time and effort because they believe in the campaign, which means that we operate efficiently and take pride in using your donations directly to get our message out to voters.

 If you are unable to donate, we need for boots on the ground to help propel the campaign into the New Year. Please consider volunteering by clicking here.

 I wish you and yours a Happy Holiday, and a Happy New Year. As always, thank you for your support.

Auld Lang Syne

If you have a lot of time on your hands, and if patience is one of the virtues you pride yourself on exhibiting, I invite you to try to figure out what the hell Robert Burns was trying to say when he wrote down the traditional verses of Auld Lang Syne. 
For everyone else who has better things to do than try to translate 300-year-old Scottish dialect into Modern Day English, here’s what the song says as far as I can tell:

 Let’s not forget old times, and let’s not forget old friends.

Let’s have a drink together, for the sake of old times.

A long time ago, we hiked together, we picked flowers together, and we waded in the streams together. But time passes quicker than any of us realize, and things change. And although we have these good memories together, time and circumstances often drive old friends apart.

Still, give me your hand old friend, and I’ll give you mine. Despite the years that have passed, and the things that have come between us, let’s have a drink together for old time’s sake.

And here, I’ll take the liberty to embellish a bit. I hope Robert Burns will forgive me.

We’ve been through a lot in the last year, and recently, it’s felt like there’s more differences between us than similarities. Families seem to be at each other’s throats, and neighbors no longer trust each other like they used to. It’s becoming less and less clear that we’re on the same team, and although I can remember a time when we used to work through our differences together, those times seem like a distant memory now.

But in the darkest part of the winter, families always come back together again. Things have changed, and they won’t be the same as they were before, and things might well get worse before they get better.

The end of the year reminds us that everything will end, including us. We all feel the same cold, we all feel that we’re growing old, and we all fear for what the future might hold. Let’s take a break from the fight and put aside our differences, and let’s join hands and have a drink together before we start back at it again next year. We’re all in this together, and we’ll be better off together than if we drive ourselves apart. Come in from the cold, share a drink together, and remember that we are all working for the same thing: a full life for ourselves, a better future for our children, and a legacy that we can pass on together to the generations yet to come.

Robert Burns wrote down the verses of Auld Lang Syne in 1788. The bloody American Revolution was in very recent living memory, when the Colonists and the King split apart forever. The French Revolution was just gearing up, and over the next decade, everyone there would dig in and tear each other apart. Things got a lot worse before they got better, and it’s not even clear now that everything has fully shaken out.

We’ll have plenty of time for fighting in 2018, and ground will be lost and won all across the country. But for the next few days, it might be good for everyone to remember that we are all out for the same thing, and that we’ll all be better off joining hands than pushing each other away.

And here’s my hand, my trusty friend!
And give me a hand o' thine!
And we'll take a right good-will draught
for auld lang syne.

Before you raise your glass and prepare for the lyrics of “Auld Lang Syne” this New Years Eve, please consider being added to my growing list of contributors. Or if you have time to give you can sign  up to volunteer here. Your help is needed to take our voice to the state house. 

I wish you and yours a Happy New Year, and as always thank you for your support.

Some Good News!

The third quarter is over and I’m very happy the progress of my race for House District 5. I recently gained the endorsement of former Colorado Speaker of the House Ruben Valdez. On top of that, three of our State Representatives have given me their support: Adrienne Benavidez, James Coleman, Denver City Councilwomen Ramona Martinez and Rosemary Rodriguez endorsed me since the last time I emailed you. To know more about why I’m proud of and grateful for all of these people’s support, check out the links above.

As a team, our campaign volunteers and I are having a great time. We have a unique opportunity to knock on the doors of the constituents, to visit with them at events, and find out what is truly important to the people who matter. This is grassroots at it’s finest.

This month, I’m asking for supporters to commit 5 hours a month for House District 5. In the words of my hero Harvey Milk, “I want to recruit you.” Here are some of the things that I need help with:

  • I’m looking for some people to join me in visiting constituents at their homes. We canvass neighborhoods to pass out information about the campaign and find out more about this district’s vision. If you like meeting new people, talking about issues you care about, and/or being outside in this nice fall weather, this might be a fun opportunity for you.
  • I could also use some help managing some of the IT-related things, like helping to keep track of donor and supporter information and adding campaign info to the website. Here, I’m looking for someone with good attention to detail and who is very comfortable with technology. You’re definitely going to learn some new skills along the way.
  • I definitely could use some help making people aware of the elections coming up, the issues and candidates at stake, and how they can get involved in our political system. People with good organizational skills as well as capable artists and writers might find some good opportunities in this area.

Click Here to Sign Up to Volunteer

On top of all this, we’ve shared a lot of good meals and humorous stories after the work is done. This group is turning into a fun, tight-knit community, which I’m enjoying a lot.

If none of the above sounds like a good time to you, or you’re short on time but long on money, please show me your support with a contribution, no matter how big or small. This will help me use my resources to to reach out to voters. Regardless of the amount, your contribution will be effective in our grassroots efforts.

I thank you for your support, and I look forward to taking our voice to the State House.

The Most Powerful Person in the Country

Did you know the most powerful office in the world is not the office of the President? The most powerful office is that of a Precinct Committee Person, or PCP. I found my call to service as a PCP for the Democratic party, so I’d like to share with you how important the role is.

A PCP represents smallest political unit in our system: their own precinct, or neighborhood. PCPs are elected at caucus on even-numbered years, or in the event of a vacancy, they are appointed by a House District Captain. Both parties use this structure, so your precinct will have two PCP’s for each party. Multiple precincts make up a district, such as House District 5.

The PCP is legally charged with getting out the vote on election day. The PCP will knock the doors of every household in the precinct to find out what candidates and issues the voters are considering.  (That's called canvassing.) Then, before each election, the PCP will personally deliver campaign literature to every voter in their party. PCP’s makes sure that all precinct voters receive and return their ballot before election day. This is the way elections are won.

At state, district, county, and precinct caucuses and conventions, PCP’s are essential. They have tremendous influence by voting on the party platform and policies, supporting or opposing various proposals, and weighing in on the selection of candidates.

Many of our presidents, senators, congressmen, and state and local officials started as PCP’s, and many still serve as PCP’s even though they hold a higher elected office. That's because they know the power of a PCP.

If you’d like to know more about your PCP, or to find out if there is a vacancy in your precinct, click here.

I’d be honored to have your support in continuing my call to service for all of Colorado. Through my business and my work as a PCP I’ve learned that the powerful vision of a few can bring meaningful change to Colorado. I’m ready to take our voices to the State House.

September is a big fundraising deadline, and we are still short of our goal, so please donate here. Your contribution is an investment in the future of Denver, and the future of Colorado.

I want to recruit you!

Hi Friends, In the words of one of my political idols Harvey Milk -- “I want to recruit you!”  

Since the launch of my campaign last month I have been fortunate to see the passion of our voters in House District 5. In the face of the major changes that are taking place at the federal level there is an air of optimism. I believe that we can actually change the world to be a more tolerant and inclusive place. That’s what we're all about. We believe that our ideas help people. We believe progress is the best course of action.  And we believe that we can impact the outcome and change things where we live. Join me now by contributing $100 today.

Campaigns are about support, and I need yours. Our early success with fundraising sends the message that we are serious about advancing our progressive ideas. I’m asking for you to invest in this optimistic vision by chipping in to our campaign today.

Your donation today sends the message that you are joining a group of people who believe we can directly affect our community. It’s an investment in our vision for progressive leadership, values and action.

I’m asking for your support because I want to fight for your values. Join me today.