Some Good News!

The third quarter is over and I’m very happy the progress of my race for House District 5. I recently gained the endorsement of former Colorado Speaker of the House Ruben Valdez. On top of that, three of our State Representatives have given me their support: Adrienne Benavidez, James Coleman, Denver City Councilwomen Ramona Martinez and Rosemary Rodriguez endorsed me since the last time I emailed you. To know more about why I’m proud of and grateful for all of these people’s support, check out the links above.

As a team, our campaign volunteers and I are having a great time. We have a unique opportunity to knock on the doors of the constituents, to visit with them at events, and find out what is truly important to the people who matter. This is grassroots at it’s finest.

This month, I’m asking for supporters to commit 5 hours a month for House District 5. In the words of my hero Harvey Milk, “I want to recruit you.” Here are some of the things that I need help with:

  • I’m looking for some people to join me in visiting constituents at their homes. We canvass neighborhoods to pass out information about the campaign and find out more about this district’s vision. If you like meeting new people, talking about issues you care about, and/or being outside in this nice fall weather, this might be a fun opportunity for you.
  • I could also use some help managing some of the IT-related things, like helping to keep track of donor and supporter information and adding campaign info to the website. Here, I’m looking for someone with good attention to detail and who is very comfortable with technology. You’re definitely going to learn some new skills along the way.
  • I definitely could use some help making people aware of the elections coming up, the issues and candidates at stake, and how they can get involved in our political system. People with good organizational skills as well as capable artists and writers might find some good opportunities in this area.

Click Here to Sign Up to Volunteer

On top of all this, we’ve shared a lot of good meals and humorous stories after the work is done. This group is turning into a fun, tight-knit community, which I’m enjoying a lot.

If none of the above sounds like a good time to you, or you’re short on time but long on money, please show me your support with a contribution, no matter how big or small. This will help me use my resources to to reach out to voters. Regardless of the amount, your contribution will be effective in our grassroots efforts.

I thank you for your support, and I look forward to taking our voice to the State House.