Hey friends! It's official, I'm running for the Democratic Candidate for Colorado State House of Representatives in District 5!  House District 5 is one of the most vibrant in the state of Colorado, and home to a wonderfully diverse community that is changing and evolving every day.  

As a kid I believed that this day would not be possible. Back then, opportunities for Latino and LGBTQ people were limited.  I believed then that I would never be accepted, let alone seen as a leader.  Thanks to strong leadership and the work of people like you the reality has changed.   

I’m running because I believe in you.  Elections are not about candidates; they are about constituents.  Through my work I've learned that the power of leadership is actually the ability to advance the visions of others, and to enable people to change the world in which they live by championing the values we share.  I've spent the better part of a decade fighting for Coloradans rights to adopt clean renewable energy.  I want to bring this same fight to the issues that are most important today: Women's rights, Healthcare, Education, and Infrastructure are all areas that demand a fighter who will ensure we are making progress.  As a small business person, I understand the challenges small businesses face as well as the opportunity small business provides the future of our state.  

I started my company in a small coworking space in RiNo.  Today that company is being carried forward and grown by over 100 Coloradans.  I want to ensure that this story is repeated and that our economy continues to boom, fueled by the growth of the countless startups and small businesses in House District 5.  

In order to be successful I will again be reliant upon you. Please consider signing up to volunteer and if you are able, please donate.  Every dollar counts as we embark on this campaign.  

HD5 is the place I've called home for most of my life. I am so honored and proud to invite you to join my campaign. 

I would be honored to earn your support.  I am invigorated and ready to fight together for what we believe in.

Thank you so much,